Empire of Xel

Like several great kingdoms brought into being by the arcane power of one man, the empire of Xel took its namesake from Kuranis Xel. While much of the early history of this empire is shrouded in myth and propaganda, the empire is currently ruled by a council, made up of guildmasters, powerful mages, and heads of religion.

Xel’s political power on Pyrsha is undisputed and unmatched, though the many threats it has to deal with mean that no single campaign can be enacted. Although the Xelian military uses conscripts and mercenaries, the regimented orders of their armies are feared over the Skaritar Wastes and beyond. While the faded scarlet uniforms and repeating crossbows of the basic infantry are know across the world, civilized or not, the specialized soldiers known as the Xelian Legions are what makes Xel’s rule so efficient.

The Shields: these soldiers are chosen from the most level-headed and tough of the military. Their formations are said to be as a mobile wall of wood and iron; these soldiers work with the other branches of the military the most.

The Skirmishers: chosen from the quickest, most bloodthirst warriors, these troops take pride in their one job: killing an opposing force as quickly as possible, then retreating back before the enemy knew what hit them.

The Rangers: despite their name, many in this branch actually don’t have ranger levels. However, they are the most varied of Xel’s force, both racially and class-wise. The Rangers are the peacekeepers; the force depended on to keep order. They often favor long-ranged weapons, such as bows or even firearms. For urban pacification, their methods are varied as well: from exotic mounts to scale buildings, to alchemical grenades, the Rangers are feared in any established or frontier settlement.

The Casters: To be a spellcaster in Xel, you must commit to obligatory service, or be executed. Many of these make their way to the Casters: Both the rarest and most dangerous of Xel’s forces, Casters never travel alone, and are often officers. If not, they travel with squads from other branches, providing magical support. They can be recognized by their unusual uniforms: Dark leather longcoats, and brimmed hats or helmets.

The Engineers: If a spellcaster does not join the Casters, he often becomes an Engineer. These pioneers of magic and technology come from all walks of life, magical or not. They are the construct creators, the siege engineers, the smiths. They create the majority of the magic items the Xelian Legions make use of. Technically, many members of the Engineers aren’t even part of the military.

Empire of Xel

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