Infused Aurite

Infused Aurite

Aurite is a metal native to Pyrsha. When worked, aurite is darker than steel, but has multi-colored specks like granite. To anyone unfamiliar with aurite, this might appear to be imperfections, when in fact this is what makes the metal unique. When treated by a magic user, this metal gains important qualities: the metal is easily bonded with magic. If worked into a weapon or armor, the item can place enchantments for 10% less than the normal cost. For example, an aurite shield can be enchanted with a +1 enhancement bonus for 900 gold, instead of 1,000 GP. If an ability is used to temporarily imbue the item with greater enchantment (magus arcane pool, paladin’s sacred bond, inquisitor’s bane, etc), the effect persists for an additional round. Lastly, depending on what school of spell was used in the treatment of the aurite, an additional effect will become apparent. A DC 15 Knowledge (Arcana) check will determine what school the infused aurite is.

Abjuration: Abjuration infused aurite has one additional point of hardness and one extra hitpoint per inch of thickness. In addition, armor and shields give the wearer a +1 bonus to AC against critical hit confirmations.

Conjuration: Conjuration infused aurite seems to fold in on itself; armor made with conjuration infused aurite weighs 25% less than normal, and creatures may don the armor twice as fast. Weapons made of conjuration infused aurite count as one size smaller for the purposes of concealing them with Sleight of Hand. Light weapons gain a +2 bonus to conceal them with slight of hand, which stacks if the weapon already had such a bonus.

Divination: Armor made from divination infused aurite seems to react to danger; creatures wearing armor made of it get a +1 circumstance bonus on perception checks and initiative checks made as part of a surprise round or to act in a surprise round. Weapons made from divination infused aurite when used against targets with a miss chance negate 5% of the miss chance.

Enchantment: Armor made from enchantment infused aurite gives the wearer a circumstance bonus on will saves made against emotion effects, +1 for light armor, +2 for medium armor, and +3 for heavy armor. Weapons made from enchantment infused aurite channel the wielder’s hopes and emotions, increasing any morale bonus to attack by 1.

Evocation: Weapons made from evocation infused aurite deal 1 point of force damage in addition to the weapon’s normal damage. In addition, items made from evocation infused aurite treat their hardness as 1 better when defending against energy damage.

Illusion: Illusion-infused aurite blends and leaves afterimages. Armor made of infused aurite increases any dodge bonus the wearer has by 1. In addition, weapons made from illusion infused aurite grant the user a +2 bonus on rolls to feint when using that item.

Necromancy: Weapons made from necromancy infused aurite deal 1 point of negative energy damage in addition to the weapon’s normal damage. In addition, armor made from necromancy infused aurite grants the wearer negative energy resistance 2. However, it will slowly darken as the wearer approaches death; unless the armor is concealed (such as a chain shirt), any intelligent creature can tell when the wearer is at 50% and 25% hit points.

Transmutation: Armor made out of transmutation infused aurite seems to mold itself into the perfect shape for its bearer. After 1 week of regular use by the same person, the maximum dexterity bonus of the armor increases by 1, and the armor check penalty decreases by 2. Weapons made out of transmutation infused aurite may add bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage to its damage type.

Amor and weapons made from infused aurite are considered masterwork quality, and the masterwork cost is included in their description. Only items primarily made out of metal can be made out of aurite.

Light weapon: +500 gp
One handed weapon: +750 gp
Two-handed weapon: +1000 gp

Light armor: +1500 gp
Medium armor: +2250 gp
Heavy armor: +3000 gp

All schools of infused aurite cost the same.

Trade good price: 75gp/lb (infused) 50gp/lb (raw)


To treat aurite, a magic user with spell slots must expend those spell slots. Depending on the school of magic the spell used, the aurite will assume slightly different qualities. It takes 1 hour to infuse one spell slot. For each level of the spell used, one pound of aurite is affected. Cantrips cannot be used to infuse aurite.

Infused Aurite as Optional Material Components

Infused Aurite

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